Chapter One

marcsmedia technology ventures came into existence as a company with a vision to bring photography/ videography services into organised sector. It is constantly transforming the way services are offered by scores of individual freelancing service providers, who thrive on personal referral.

As a Customer, be it as Individual or Corporate or Event Organiser, did you ever wish to have an easy-to-use, transparent, pocket-friendly, quality Photography/ Videography services?

As a Service Provider (Photographer, Videographer, Post processing expert), did you ever aspire for an ecosystem that thrives on co-working modalities, rather than competition? Of course, competition is the name of game in business. However, there might be several instances where you needed support from ecosystem and you had to spend valuable time outside your core skills.

Your wishes come true and demands will be addressed. oneglint is offering all of the above and more.

Under oneglint brand name, the customers will experience higher service quality, right thru their engagement of order booking to final delivery and beyond. Our services help existing service providers finding right co-working team when needed and help increasing their income. The field requires creative bent; handling people, their ambitions/ anticipation which is evolving with time. Under academy, we offer opportunities to upgrade one’s skills to face these new challenges during growth trajectory. Those who want to buy/ rent gear can also explore our ecommerce platform focused on this industry.

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